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Legion end slide 01
"Caesar entered The Strip as though it was his Triumph. The Legion pushed the NCR out of New Vegas entirely, driving them back to the Mojave Outpost. The Legion occupied all major locations, enslaving much of the population and peacefully lording over the rest. Under the Legion's banner, civilization - unforgiving as it was - finally came to the Mojave Wasteland."

Caeser and his Legion have taken Hoover Dam, and have marched into the Mojave in triumph.

Following the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, Caesar marched into the Mojave with the assistance of the Courier. The NCR, suffering heavy losses across the board, made a hasty retreat from the Mojave Wasteland as the forces of the Legion marched nearly unopposed on the remaining bastion's of the NCR's tattered military force left in the wastes.

Beginnings, setting the scene Render Unto Caesar

Upon the ending slides coming to a close, the player finds themselves in the Lucky 38's penthouse, with Caesar stood in front of House's large screen, Legion forces surround him, as do the smashed remains of any securitrons left online following the invasion.

Caesar describes the Mojave's situation, and how pockets of resistance remain throughout the Mojave, fruitlessly attempting to hold minute areas, despite being severed from the NCR command chain, who perished in the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. Caesar describes the state of affairs, the state of current factions and the general state of the Mojave.

I was taught it was my responsibility to bring the torch of knowledge to the wastes. I may have taken the torch part more literally than they intended.— Caesar

The people of the Mojave remain largely ambivalent to the presence of the Legion, where as some are pleased to see the hand of the NCR gone from their land, many fear for their lives the lines of legionaries marched through their towns, and through their streets. What would become of the population was largely unknown, and uncertainty plagued the denizens of the Mojave wasteland, as a new age dawned over their horizon, thought what the eastern rising would bring to the Mojave.

Caesar already plans the inevitable push into the West, and his growing strength only furthers the idea's that the NCR will not last long as the bull charges into the West.

As a result of the battle and choices made during the main game itself, many factions will be changed as a result of the routing, though oppurtunities such as the implants remain in game, certain quests are no longer available as the Legion killed many under it's boot.


The main quest line of this add-on involves forcibly stamping out the remaining NCR presence, which is only small. The quest line after this expands into securing key locations, locations that remain largely in the Mojave, though a small area of California will be accessible as the quest line progresses and Legion forces begin a press into California in pursuit of retreating members of the NCR.

The quest focuses largely on consolidating Legion control throughout the region, and stamping out the last NCR in this immediate area (the Mojave).

Quest progression

  • Power to the People - Reactivate Hoover Dam. The assault on the dam left the Dam inactive, as in a desperate attempt to save it, the NCR deactivated it's function to avoid strengthening the Legion. Caesar tells of an engineer that was captured during the battle, use him to reactivate the Dam and divert the power to the Strip to power Caesar's endeavours.
  • Together - Make contact with the following Legion commanders to prepare the assault on the Mojave; Aurelus of Phoenix, Dead Sea, Vulpes Inculta and Lanius. This is a small quest and all it really entails is the interaction with these 4 NPC's for the quest to complete.
  • Caesar's Charge - Everything is set, assault the NCR at their final entranced position in the ruins of the Mojave outpost. Starting off at the Ivanapah race track, the player coupled with a large legionary force push up the roads and run into the firing line of the NCR. Weak from battle and running low on ammunition, the NCR try (in vain) to deter the assault, this quest involves killing any resistance that the NCR have set up on the road to the outpost (small barricades) and eventually reaching the outpost where the heavy guns rest. Clearing the outside and inside of the buildings are the main priorities here, and the quest completes with the action of burning down the Ranger statues, as a testament to the Legion's victory over the NCR forces here.
  • Pax Romana - Defend the Mojave outpost from the surprise NCR attack, and then deal with Colonel Hughes in near-by California outpost.
    • Despite being smashed in the Mojave, the NCR's army was not entirely expended, retreating through any route to attempt a return to California, Colonel Hughes, one of many personel manning the road based outposts, prepares a surprise attack on the limited number of legionaries that sit in the Mojave Outpost. Homing in from routes previously unknown to the Legion, he assaults the Mojave outpost with his remaining forces. Enemies during this encounter include the elite of the NCR's army, heavy troopers and a couple of veteran rangers. The player will be accompanied by a number of legionaries and centurion's acting as their leaders. This quest involves defeating 2 waves of the NCR's surprise assault, and after repelling it successfully, co-ordinates may be found on any NCR corpse pointing the courier in the direction of the route used to get to the outpost. You will encounter little resistance at his outpost, as he expended his troops, his compound does contain a couple of automated turrets on his upper level.
    • At this point, the player is presented with two options: kill him and whatever troops remain alive at his compound, or allow him to leave, an act he expresses shock at, after reminding the courier of what he/she did to the people of the Mojave. If you choose to kill him, he will activate the turrets in his office and attack you with a piece of high level weaponry and equipment. If you choose to let him go, he will exit out of a backdoor which is marked as locked with a key, he will present you with "Blood-stained dog tags" if you pass a speech check of 100, saying it is the only one to prevent the Legate himself from coming after him personally, to act as proof of his death.
    • Upon leaving the building and exiting back to the Mojave, Lanius will confront you and request evidence of the death, one can present him the dog tags, he will accept the deaths, Pax Romana will be complete, and the NCR will have been successfully routed.

Ending slides

Narrated by Ron Perlman

# Slide Voice-over narration In-game condition
And so the Courier, he who delivered Caesar his Rome, once again put the NCR to the sword, after taking down the valiant, Colonel Hughes who in a last ditch attempt to wrestle some control attacked the Legion occupied Mojave outpost, to halt the Legion's seemingly endless advance onto the the people of California. The stories of the courier's brutality stalks the waste, inspiring fear into those who hear these tales. Complete Pax Romana by killing the Colonel and his staff.
And so the Courier, who had out the Mojave to the sword, showed a glimmer of hope and mercy seemingly unknown to those who have encountered him/her, as Colonel Hughes walked free, he both cursed and praised the courier for allowing him to live, and perhaps save a few precious moments before the great march. Lanius was satisfied with the blood that was spilled, and with this last fleeting fight, Caesar made his plans to march into the west, and take it for his own. Complete Pax Romana by allowing the Colonel to leave the outpost for California.

Key Locations

  • Lucky 38 - Caesar's new Rome, the Lucky 38 serves as his hub in the Mojave, and it is where this add-on begins after the endings, with Caesar having marched through the Strip gates into his prize.
  • Mojave Outpost - The final standing the NCR has left in the Mojave. Barricades placed along the roads have created a somewhat defensible position. Lanius holds his troops back, for he knows the profligates will soon need to retreat, and during that retreat he shall take them all. Upon it's seizure by the Legion, the tower statues are set alight so those who run can bear witness to the Legion's victory.
  • California Compound - A small compounded area in California, this is the staging area for an attempted assault on the Legion occupied Mojave outpost as of Caesar's Charge, a quest in ROTE's main quest line.

Changes to regular gameplay

  • Nearly every place where NCR soldiers will spawn are now replaced by Legion soldiers of varying ranks, named Legion soldiers spread out over these locations.
  • Major NCR locations are now populated by Legionaries, or are devoid of life.
  • The Followers fort in Freeside is now populated by Legionaries, and acts as the Legion's primary foothold in Freeside.
  • The King's are found either dead or in the fort, tied up. (This renders G.I Blues and other Kings related quests uncompleted if not already completed.)
  • If Boone remains alive, a random encounter is placed within the game where Boone will spawn on the player and attack him/her for their actions. If this encounter does not happen, it is possible to discover Boone camped in the Sniper's shack overlooking the Cottonwood cove area. If the player remains hidden, they can follow Boone in his daily routine of shooting in the direction of Cottonwood, presumably at legionaries, despite this, he does not actually hit anything. He will turn hostile if you are detected.
  • Fiend's are found dead around the entire Mojave, if you have not killed Motor Runner, he along with the entirety of Vault 3 will be found dead upon arrival.

Changes to factions

Many faction's locations, members, or positions are altered during nearly every ending, and as a result certain quests become unavailable and some factions are rendered non-existent.

  • Followers of the Apocalypse -
    Followers of the Apocalypse end slide 04
    During any ending, the Followers are forced out of the Mojave, this includes those in the Old Mormon Fort and those in the Followers Outpost. Usunagi will remain at the clinic, rendering the implants still accessible if you wish to purchase them.

  • New California Republic - As I've stated, any NCR throughout the Mojave are replaced by generic members of the Legion due to the NCR being routed. NCR vagrants and migrants in Freeside disappear from the game.

  • The Kings -
    Kings end slide 02
    The Kings are eliminated by the Legion as Caesar walks through Freeside, any quests not resolved with them are now unable to be done. The King's school will become populated by generic Freeside residents.

  • The Powder Gangers (NCRCF) -
    Powder Gangers end slide 02
    The NCRCF lies empty now, as the gangers were killed by the Legion during the march, however, Legionaries will populate small areas inside but do offer not dialogue.

  • Great Khans -
    Great Khan end slide 02
    Depending on the choices made during the game, the Khans will either disappear, or will remain in Red Rock, but will be clad in Legion apparel.

Editor's Note

I have focused solely on the ending that has Edward Sallow as Caesar, meaning his lived through his tumour and was cured. I chose for this based on the fact that I have decided to assume that the Edward Caesar ending is the one that is mostly to be chosen as an end game scenario, and to prevent mass pages of description, I will not cover any changes to the game brought about by the Legate walking through the Mojave as the new Caesar.