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Junk Idol Challenge 2 - Corvus

Fo1 Military Base Destroyed

FO01 NPC Master B

In this scenario, upon the confrontation with the Master, the Dweller agreed to join the Unity and pursue the same goals as the Master. Turned into a super mutant through the use of the Mariposa FEV vats, the Dweller went back out into the wasteland, to carve the way for the Unity.

With the location of Vault 13 revealed, the mutant hordes fell on the denizens of the Vault without mercy, killing the majority and harvesting the rest. The Dweller, now transformed, partook in the sacking of the vault. A single tear fell from the mutants eyes as he walked through the scarred remains of his past, a final flicker of humanity faded from existence, and upon leaving the area, the Dweller never returned.

Praised for his ruthlessness and new found dedication to the cause, the Master elevated him almost immediately, much to the resentment of the Lieutenant. Tasked with creating a settlement in the Wasteland for wasters to seek refuge in, the Dweller once again went out into the wastes to create said settlement. The result, is Corvus.

Corvus is a settlement in the year of 2161 populated by various wasters and refugee's. The town was founded by the Vault Dweller acting on the orders of the Master to establish footholds in the wastes. Corvus is located south west of the Hub.


Settled by the Vault Dweller not long after the ultimate destruction of Vault 13 and the harvest of it's inhabitants. The objective of it's settlement was to expand upon the territory of the Unity, and establish multiple bases and settlements to attempt and attract wasters to the Unity, through the use of safety and an acceptable standard of living multiple wasters are subjected to each day. Sadly, the town of Corvus despite being part of the Unity, has fallen prey to the wastes and although still maintains a better standard of living than other places in certain aspects, has fallen into the hands of depravity and relative poverty. Although founded by the Dweller, he does not run the town, instead this is left to the hands of his/her's deputy of sorts, a woman by the name of Julianne Foley who sheriff's in the Dweller's absence.

Though seemingly in control, she acts on the orders of Morpheus, being a mere puppet of the Children.


  • Vault Dweller
  • Sheriff Julianne Foley
  • Perch
  • Dr. Shoe
  • Corvus Settler
  • Alice (mentioned only)
  • Mutant kidnapper

Sections & Layout

The town of Corvus is divided into mutliple different sections.


Fo1 Junktown Entrance
The main entrance to Corvus, the gate is guardered by Cathedral guards gifted to the town upon it's formation by Morpheus. Just inside of the gate is the clinic and hospital building, run by one Dr. Shoe, also a member of the Children.

One may also see the sheriff's office, which is the first building you come across. Julianne Foley will spend her days walking around in here, as it is also her area of residence. Though seemingly shabby with it's corrugated iron exterior, the inside boasts a quality far above that of the other settler's dwellings.


The Holy Flame is a great vaccine against a festering waste of illness and depravity, and I, am an instrument to change that.— Dr. Shoe
DB Apprentice 3

A small clinic located in the northern most room of the settler's central lodging, the doctor will heal the player and other various other services supplied by other doctors in the wasteland should the player at this point come to need medical attention.
  • Dr. Shoe runs this Clinic, and is a representative for the Children of the Cathedral and in turn, the Unity. A relatively kind member of the town, though none the less devoted to the ideals of the Unity and the Children. Seeing himself as a means to stamp out a "great illness" he offers his services to anyone and everyone who comes to his door. Due to serving everyone, he knows a great deal about all inhabitants of Corvus, and would be a reliable service to invoke if the need arises.

Residential/Settler's quarter

We live in an alright area I suppose...aside from the kidnappings. I tell ye', there's a dark cloud over us, it scares us half to death, the Crow is out there...— A settler to the Vault Dweller
FO2 Redding MiningTown
The main residence of the settler's who come to the town, this section contains various buildings to cater to the whims of the settler's. Though it seems above average on the outside, people who live in this section still live in relative poverty, despite the Unity's promise to create a paradise for people to live in. Despite this seemingly false promise, the denizens act pleased with their abodes, though it is not sure if this is respect for their mutant and CotC hosts or fear of being taken in the night by a force which has come to be known by the name of the Crow.

Comprised of multiple relatively shabby buildings, the residents end up sharing homes and houses with multiple other settlers, though this doesn't bother them much in the face of the Wasteland.

Perch's wares

The shop of Perch, Corvus' resident sleezy merchant. His shop is located just off of the eastern end of the settler's quarter.

  • Perch will sell the player general supplies including rarer items that are difficult to come across in the Wasteland. This includes but not is limited to: weapons, armour, stimpaks and other medical supplies, and other assorted items. In terms of what weapons he sells, due to the nature of this point of the game, will be items of rarity in the wasteland.

Exchange Point

Trapping grounds

The exchange point

A small area located around the back of Corvus' northern most wall, this area is empty until reaching a specific point in the quest to investigate the disappearances, upon completing reaching the point where you are told to eavesdrop on the meeting, 3 mutants will be in this area along with Sheriff Foley, but only at a specific time.

Related Quests

Deliver the Report to the Lieutenant

FO01 NPC Lieutenant N
The player is tasked with simply going to Corvus, collecting the status report from Sheriff Foley and delivering it to the Lieutenant. Foley can be found walking around the large white building all day.
  • Examining the note will show to the Dweller that numbers in Corvus are "mysteriously falling", and once the player returns to Lou, they can enquire about the disappearances which will lead onto the next quest.

Investigate the disapperances

During this quest, the Dweller returns to the town or Corvus in order to investigate the recent disappearances of specific members of the town. The players first stop is the Sheriff, who will claim to not know anything about the missing members, and is a stumped as the Dweller is. Not one to give up, the Dweller takes to the town and enquires with the members of the town. The place to go at this point is the central habitation of the Settler quarter, though the player can speak to any member of the town, it is suggested to you that you check in with Dr. Shoe, the town's resident medic. He can be found in the northern most room of the habitat.

Upon speaking to Shoe, he will only mention one victim by name, one Alice, a girl who had only recently arrived. He tells of the rumour that she was involved with the town's local merchant, and that he might be the next best person to speak to.

Perch is the towns local merchant, and he is found in Perch's Wares, in the eastern end of the Settler's quarter. Seemingly unintimidated with the Dweller's arrival in his shop, he will act abrasively towards the player when he is questioned. With a high enough speech skill or strength the rating, Perch can be coerced into spilling the information of intimidated (with the Strength check). He will reveal that mutants from the Unity regularly come and take individuals from the town, he is rather distraught at the loss of Alice as he genuinely cared for her. He will reveal that Foley sets up the exchanges every now and again late at night. With this information, the Dweller decides to eavesdrop upon one of the meetings and ultimately confront Foley and the kidnappers.

  • Regardless of what day it is, the player can eavesdrop on the meeting at around 12 midnight, which takes place in a small shack behind the northern wall.
  • The following day, the player will confront Foley, and reveal to her that he/she knows about her crime of kidnapping citizens for dipping without the knowledge of the Dweller or the Lieutenant. She will break down, and reveal the next meeting's time and place.
  • Upon going to this meeting, the player will face the 3 mutant kidnappers.
    • At this point the player may either kill the 3, or convince them to stop or face the involvement of the Lieutenant.
      • Peaceful option:The player can convince the 3 to never again come here with a high enough speech skill, or like Perch, a high enough strength rating can be used to intimidate them into leaving.
      • Kill the Mutants:The player can engage in combat with the mutants. This option is difficult as the mutants are equipped with high end weapons and have high resistance to forms of damage. Using this method, the player is able to retrieve their equipment.
  • Whatever option is chosen, the mutants will no longer steal citizens from their homes to become part of the mutant army against their will.
    • Returning to Julianne at this point will make her give you her unique minigun as a reward.

Behind the Scenes

The name Corvus is latin for Crow or Raven, a prominent symbol of ill-omen and death. This ties with the town's inevitable decline, and that all those who come to it's doors disappear not long after arrival, leaving a dark cloud hanging over the town not just for the residents, but for everyone.

Role in the Unity

Ever eager to expand into the wastes and search for potential recruits for the Unity's military, the Master tasked multiple mutants of higher intellectual capability to go out into the Wasteland and establish communities in key areas in order to act as lures for settler's. Unbeknownst to the settlers, these towns are labs of sorts, with the medical staff stationed their peforming regular check ups to assess the resident's physical strength and state in preperation for the Master's Army to roll on through and collect potential recruits for dipping and induction.

Hell, ignorance is bliss, and for these people, the less they know the better. I want to make their life as normal as I can, even it means hiding fate from them.— Sheriff Foley

Foley, the current sheriff enforces a strict "Don't ask, don't tell" policy with regards to Cathedral business. In response to her realization that the denizens were aware people were going missing, she seeded the rumour of the Crow, a creature that supposedly roams the wastes around Corvus, and that people who are unruly will be thrown out to the wolves and the Crow. The result of this is a subdued populace who are quiet, exactly how she wants them. In reality, the Crow is a simple mask for the kidnappings perpetrated by soldiers in the Unity in return for luxuries that are given to Foley, and Foley alone.

Authors note

Whereas siding with the Master at the end of Fallout 1 would normally end the game (as with all of the other endings), choosing to join him in this instance does not. Upon choosing the Unity, the player will be shown a short cutscene in which you witness the Dweller being dipped into the Mariposa vats. The screen will fade the back and the player will resume control shortly after, standing outside Vault 13 accompanied by various other mutants. The Dweller will proceed into the caves and upon activating the vault door, the traditional ending slide for the mutants assaulting Vault 13 will be played. This is the only slide that will play and the game will not end.The player will respawn outside of the Vault, ready to carry out further missions and orders.

After this Vault 13 cutscene has finished, multiple new areas and NPC's will be placed around the map in specific locations, ready for further missions.