This is currently the character checklist I have planned, my existing character was mostly built while I got familiar with the game so I made several mistakes during the forging process. Karma will be Very Evil on the new character, while my current character is a goody two shoes.


Immediately went to Rivet City for the intelligence bobblehead (without leveling up along the way) so as to gain 20 skill points per level (after level 2, so 28 x 20 = 560).

  • S: 5
  • P: 6
  • E: 5
  • C: 3
  • I: 9
  • A: 6
  • L: 6

10 Strength - 250 carry weight (300 using strongback) with +5 melee/unarmed damage bonus, and melee weapons +20.
10 Perception -+20 energy weapons, explosives and lockpick.
10 Endurance - Poison/rad resistance +18%, 300 health and +20 big guns and unarmed.
10 Charisma - Barter and speech +20.
10 Intelligence - Skill points per level are 10 base, plus 1 for each point of intelligence. +20 medicine/repair/science.
10 Agility - Small guns and sneak +18. Also determines AP (65 + Agility * 2 = 85 before any perks or items raise or lower it).
10 Luck - +5 to all skills and +10% critical hit chance.

Starting Skills

  • If dump skills are required use unarmed and big guns. The former is unimportant without Iron Fist perks, and the latter has a skill book which respawns every 73 hours.
  • There are 24-25 skill books for every skill. Comprehension (648 skill points total, +48-50 to each skill) vs. Educated (78 skill points total).
  • Current checklist is not min/maxed perfectly, but does allow one to nearly fulfill all skill requirements for perks by level 8-10. Pyromaniac and ninja being the exceptions if you only collect mentioned skill books or bobbleheads, however collecting more than those mentioned means you will meet all perk requirements by level 10 or so.

Level Perks

Quest Perks

Houses, and Property

  • Tasty Treats (Andale) - Early Game Primary, try to secure the Concrete treehouse and the turret (intact) by leaving Dogmeat (on the ground) and Jericho (next to the turret) stationed there and reverse pickpocketing better guns/armor onto the scavenger.
  • Tenpenny Tower - Secondary, as it will be a lengthy period before I finish the wasteland survival guide, or crush Moira' dreams of writing it depending on which way I go. Let in the ghouls (but not before finding Argyle), and setup Mister Burke as Roy Phillips right hand man.

Armor, Helmet, and Mask



The Terrible Shotgun
Callahan's magnum
Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG
MPLX Novasurge
Gauss rifle
Atomic pulverizer
Heavy incinerator