(Odds are I'm not the first to think of new ideas for Fallout 4 nor will I be the last. Might as well let it out while it's still fresh in my brain.)

This here is a list of possible new features that I came up with for Fallout 4. Some of these ideas might work, others not so much. Let me know if these ideas can/can't work and if you have any suggestions.

  • Dual Wield - Utilize any combination of one handed weapons (pistols, sawed-off shotguns, small SMG's, etc.) in both hands. Increases potential damage output and shots fired before reloading, but reduces accuracy and you can't use Iron Sights.
  • Hardcore mode addition - Bullets are affected by wind and gravity. Requires compensation when sniping at extreme ranges.
  • Stamina - Required for various actions such as:
     - Sprinting
     - Jumping
     - Combat Roll: Tap jump button twice in rapid succession to roll
     - Hold Breath: When sniping, hold breath to slow down time
  • Theme Song - Fallout 3 had "I Don't Want to Set The World on Fire" by The Ink Spots and Fallout: New Vegas had "Blue Moon" by Dean Martin. I think the theme for Fallout 4 should be "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong.
  • Skill Development - Instead of pouring points into a skill everytime you level up, your skills will build up as you use them (like the skill system in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim). For Example, leveling up your Guns skill makes your aim sway less, leveling up your Medicine will yield more health replenished from stimpaks, and so on. The Perks would remain unchanged (I.E. Living Anatomy requires 70 Medicine, Jury Rigging requires 90 Repair).
  • Health Regeneration - Your Health will regenerate minor wounds. Stimpaks are needed for the major wounds.
  • Mods - You can remove certain mods, namely scopes, ext. magazines, and silencers at your leisure.
  • Crosshairs - Replace the Fallout 3 crosshairs with the traditional plus-shaped crosshairs that grow larger when your moving or when using a full-auto weapon. A circle would be used for shotguns to indicate potential spread.
  • Tattoos - Don various tattoos that grant special effects to your character (increase weight capacity, maximum health/stamina, Rad resistance, gun accuracy, ammo/caps found as loot, and so on). Only a limited amount can be used at one time.
  • Executions - When using a melee weapon, you have a chance to activate an execution move, similar to Skyrim (sneak up on a raider and slit his throat with a knife, bash their heads in with a Baseball bat).
  • Blowing off limbs - I didn't really like the thought of killing someone by blowing off the leg, nor did like blowing off someones head with a measly 9mm Pistol. So, if you blow off someones leg completely, I want them to start crawling away. Lose their arm and they'll clutch it in agony. Leave limb destruction to explosives and high-powered weapons like the Anit-Material Rifle, close-range Shotgun blasts, and the Minigun. Also I want to see the holes I make in someones body.
  • Upgrades - Unlike Mods, upgrading weapons/armor at a workbench will improve damage/damage reduction, weapon/armor HP, and weight, as well as value. So long as you have the necessary materials, of course.
  • Respec - If you don't like the perks you've chosen, you can respec your character, for fee that increases based on your level, and be able to choose new ones.