• Michael '93

    (Odds are I'm not the first to think of new ideas for Fallout 4 nor will I be the last. Might as well let it out while it's still fresh in my brain.)

    This here is a list of possible new features that I came up with for Fallout 4. Some of these ideas might work, others not so much. Let me know if these ideas can/can't work and if you have any suggestions.

    • Dual Wield - Utilize any combination of one handed weapons (pistols, sawed-off shotguns, small SMG's, etc.) in both hands. Increases potential damage output and shots fired before reloading, but reduces accuracy and you can't use Iron Sights.
    • Hardcore mode addition - Bullets are affected by wind and gravity. Requires compensation when sniping at extreme ranges.
    • Stamina - Required for various act…
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