Gold Bars

Requires Dead Money

It is possible to escape the Sierra Madre Casino Vault with all 37 gold bar and trap Elijah in the vault for the Safety Deposit Box achievement. It's recommended to make a separate save before entering the vault itself, before accessing the Vault Control Terminal, immediately after finishing the dialog with Elijah, and while escaping through the subterranean structure across from the vault door. If Elijah detects the player at any point in time he will sound the alarms. Elijah appears to only trigger the alarms when he has line of sight to the player, as stealth seems to have a minimal affect. Disabling the vault security and generator inside the vault doesn't appear to affect the turrets, as they power back up once Elijah enters the vault. They also appear to be immune to damage until the vault door is opened.

Collect all the bars (36 on the table, 1 in front of the Vault Control Terminal on the floor) and drop them (all at once as a single item), immediately in front of the vault door, lined up with a run to the door. Use any stims/books/apparel before you read the message from Sinclair to Vera on the terminal (as the dialog with Elijah will occur immediately after you exit the terminal).

  1. Finish the conversation on the Vault Control Terminal ending with a dialog option having Elijah enter the vault.
  2. Immediately turn and run toward the vault door, picking up the gold bars as you approach.
  3. Open the vault door and continue "running" towards the stair case directly in front of the door.
  4. At the top of the staircase, turn right, and head into the center opening in the subterranean structure (Elijah should have been seen through the solid window, coming out of the passage from the elevator by now).
  5. Crouch into stealth, and make note of Elijah's tick marker on your compass.
  6. Place the solid part of the wall (to the right of the center opening) between the player and Elijah (breaking line of sight).
  7. This is the tricky part with timing (may want to save here), as Elijah approaches the exterior terminal, hug the interior wall of the subterranean structure, and begin to move towards the elevator through the corridor. Head all the way to the rear opening of the subterranean structure that connects to the left entrance of the elevator passage (facing the elevator from the vault).
  8. Once far enough away from the center opening, the player can stand back up and "run".
  9. Leaving the subterranean structure and enter the elevator passage. When Elijah begins speaking, the force-fields/alarms will activate, and the player must make a hastened exit to the elevator before the collar explodes.
  10. Once in the elevator, the player will be transported to the fountain (with your 37 gold bars), and will earn the achievement.

If unable to get into the elevator passage before the force-field, try reloading the save right after the terminal dialog with Elijah and attempt to move into the subterranean structure quicker. Wait to start moving towards the rear of the structure until Elijah is walking to the vault door (he'll detect you through the open window).

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