The following are the locations of where I found sets of X-01 Power Armor. Typically, the higher level you are the better the set will be. All sets are level based, and typically the X-01 will spawn around level 28, but have been known to spawn a little lower (the partial set I found when I was level 24), but 28 is a safe level to be at. I stumbled upon the one in 35 Court at level 26 and it was just a full set of T-60, not bad, but not the best. So, make sure you’re at a relatively higher level. I will update this post if/when I find more.

Full Sets: 1) This is the one that most people know about. If you go Southwest of the building labelled Custom House Tower, you’ll come across a giant building labelled 35 Court. Go into the building and take out (or hack) the protectron, then head up the elevator. Up at the top, there will be an assaultron and sentry bot who will be level based. Take them out and hit the buttons behind where the robots were waiting to unlock the door and behind there should be a complete set of X-01 Power Armor for the taking.

2) The second set is located at the South Boston Military Checkpoint. It’s located in a locked cage just outside of the checkpoint. You have to have Expert Level Hacking available to unlock the security gate and get to the set of armor.

3) The third full set I found is pretty much directly South of Listening Point Bravo. Follow the road and you’re sure to find it ready and waiting for you.

4) The last full set I found is in the Glowing Sea region in an abandoned shack. There’s a hatch on the floor of the shack. Open the hatch and go into the basement and the X-01 should be ready and waiting for you.

Partial Sets: 1) North of Fort Strong. I found this while exploring after helping the BoS clear out the fort in the mission Shadow of Steel. If you go north and follow the road across the bridge, you should find it in an abandoned checkpoint-like station. The set I found there had the helmet, chest, right arm, and right leg.

2) Located at the Crashed Vertibird Site in the Southern portion of the map near the train tracks. Courtesy of Aladurkadurka

MetalBeard (talk) 16:05, December 8, 2015 (UTC)
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