1) Perception - Museum of Freedom: Located on a desk in the room the Minutemen are camped out in.

2) Repair - Corvega Assembly Plant: Located at the end of the walkway near a blue storage tank.

3) Energy Weapons - Fort Hagen: Down the elevator in the barracks. Will be in the kitchen between 2 refrigerators.

4) Big Guns - Vault 95: In the northernmost room of the living quarters section.

5) Medicine - Vault 81: Located in Curie’s office.

6) Small Guns - Gunners Plaza: On the broadcast desk on the West side.

7) Endurance - Poseidon Energy: On the central metal catwalk.

8) Agility - FMS Northern Star: On the edge of the bow of the ship.

9) Luck - Spectacle Island: Located in the green boat.

10) Unarmed - Atom Cats Garage: Located on the hood of a rusty car.

11) Intelligence - Boston Public Library: In the server room past the protectrons.

12) Melee - Trinity Tower: At the top of the tower in the cage that contains Stong the Super Mutant.

13) Speech - Vault 114: In the Overseer’s office.

14) Strength - Mass Fusion Building: On the head of the sculpture in the lobby. Must jump over couch to obtain.

15) Lock Picking - Pickman Gallery: Located in the basement at the end of a series of cave like tunnels.

16) Science - Vault 75 (Malden Middle School): In the vault’s laboratory.

17) Explosives - Sagus Ironworks: In the blast furnace area behind where Slag is standing. There will be a fight to get to it. Slag is wearing power armor, so be prepared.

18) Barter - Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery: Located inside a hut connected to the catwalk.

19) Sneak - Dunwich Borers: Located on a small table next to a lantern.

20) Charisma - Parson’s State Insane Asylum: Located in Jack’s office.

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Bobblehead Locations