aka Sam

  • I live in Madison, WI
  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is Data Processor
  • I am Male
  • Bio There's not much to say. I enjoy craft beer, video games, heavy metal, and a few other things. Not very interesting, but I'm always happy to help. Always willing to give advice! Tweet me with any questions!

    I wrote an entire Wasteland Survival Guide for FO4, as well as FO3, and New Vegas based on what I found. I think my twitter handle is still the same. Should be @iamsnowybeard

    Gamertag: Saddenstheppl

    I game, I drink, and I swear like a fucking sailor.
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  • MetalBeard

    X-01 Locations

    December 8, 2015 by MetalBeard

    The following are the locations of where I found sets of X-01 Power Armor. Typically, the higher level you are the better the set will be. All sets are level based, and typically the X-01 will spawn around level 28, but have been known to spawn a little lower (the partial set I found when I was level 24), but 28 is a safe level to be at. I stumbled upon the one in 35 Court at level 26 and it was just a full set of T-60, not bad, but not the best. So, make sure you’re at a relatively higher level. I will update this post if/when I find more.

    Full Sets: 1) This is the one that most people know about. If you go Southwest of the building labelled Custom House Tower, you’ll come across a giant building labelled 35 Court. Go into the building an…

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  • MetalBeard

    Bobblehead Locations

    December 7, 2015 by MetalBeard

    1) Perception - Museum of Freedom: Located on a desk in the room the Minutemen are camped out in.

    2) Repair - Corvega Assembly Plant: Located at the end of the walkway near a blue storage tank.

    3) Energy Weapons - Fort Hagen: Down the elevator in the barracks. Will be in the kitchen between 2 refrigerators.

    4) Big Guns - Vault 95: In the northernmost room of the living quarters section.

    5) Medicine - Vault 81: Located in Curie’s office.

    6) Small Guns - Gunners Plaza: On the broadcast desk on the West side.

    7) Endurance - Poseidon Energy: On the central metal catwalk.

    8) Agility - FMS Northern Star: On the edge of the bow of the ship.

    9) Luck - Spectacle Island: Located in the green boat.

    10) Unarmed - Atom Cats Garage: Located on the hood of a rust…

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