Hello everybody! Today I will share with all of you people an idea for a quest for Fo4 which will most likely never be recognized by Bethesda or anyone who has anything to do with the making of Fallout 4.

. . .


Here it is!

The quest is called Reverse Ghoulification. The main character stumbles upon a scientist trying to get ghouls back to normal. He says that he has been working on a treatment for ghouls that will slowly change them from ghouls into humans. He calls it; Reverse Ghoulification. After being asked why he's telling the player this, he mentions that he needs a test subject since all of his other test subjects have . . . moved on. After accepting, he will do one of two things. (The following involves another idea of mine, which says that you have the option to be a ghoul.) He will either ask you to find a suitable test subject for his tests, preferrably a ghoul in the ghoul version of good health, or, if you are already a ghoul, asks you if you would like to be a test subject and reassures you that he strongly believes that he has the formulas perfect and that the player will be compensated for his services. Also, he also gives the option to turn you into a ghoul.

After accepting, if you are to talk to a character that hates ghouls, offers you another option of sabotaging the product to actually destroy any ghoul who partakes in Reverse Ghoulification, in a process said biggot calls, Advanced Ghoulification. Doing so will result in Evil Karma, lots of caps, maybe a unique item or so, and, maybe, the destruction of all ghouls in that part of the Wasteland. Helping the doctor will result in Good Karma, Caps, Maybe a unique item, and many ghouls will partake in Reverse Ghoulification, causing many of the ghouls in the Wasteland to become human again!

And so ends my quest idea. If this was to become a part of the game, it will be an optional side quest as either an Add-On or part of the actual game. Please feel free to add any or all feedback, comments, likes/dislikes, and recommendations for other parts of the quest in the comments section. Also feel free to add your ideas for Fo4 and, if I like it, I will post it on the blog, and, of course, mention you in it.

Goodbye my friends!!

NixxLotus (talk) 00:13, March 23, 2013 (UTC)