Chapter 1

They have no idea why it happened, but it happened. It was the middle of the night in their little village. They were all sleeping. The guards were on patrol. Suddenly, They were woken by a gunshot. That shot was followed by many others. Once it stopped, men came into their houses, blindfolded them, and dragged them off. Next thing they knew they were loaded onto a moving vehicle, perhaps a brahmin chariot type-thing. They traveled for a few hours. Once they stopped, the men threw them onto the ground and beat them.

This went on for a few hours. They were beaten, kicked, whipped, stabbed, cut, hit, shot at, and more. The kidnappers did whatever they could to brutally torture the villagers. After the beating the men took the blindfolds off. And introduced themselves.

The Legion. That's who captured the villagers. Up until now only stories of The Legion had been heard. Most of the villagers didn't even think the Legion existed. But there they were, standing right before the villagers, fitting them for collars.

The Legion killed the ones who were too weak to work for them after the beatings, some they shot, others they beheaded and the rest drew the short straw; they were tied to the cross and crucified to set an example for the rest of the villagers.

After the executions, the Legion sent the villagers off to their corresponding places. The children went into the brahmin pens, so did the farmers. The warriors were integrated into Caesar's army. The villages best doctors were sent to Caesar, but were eventually executed for their lack medical experience. Jasper Hathaway was sent into the brahmin pens as well, being the son of a farmer. As he arrived, he saw his father, feeding the brahmin in the rags that they gave them. It made Jasper mad, just thinking of all his friends and family they enslaved, never mind all the ones they killed. He saw all the rocks around Him. If he could find one of exceptional size, he could throw it at one of them, probably killing them.

One of his friends walked up to him.

"Hey!" He said.

"Hello Gary." Jasper replied.

One of the Legionaries saw them talking and approached them.

"What The Fuck Are You Two Doing!" He screamed. "Get Back To Work!!"

Jasper went back to work, and so did Gary, but he wouldn't take this shit from these people.

Gary waited until night had fallen, and snuck over to one of the guard towers. He threw a small rock at one of the columns holding up the tower, then hid under the stairs.

"Hey!" The Legionary called. "Who's there?"

The Legionary walked slowly down the stairs, holding his silenced pistol up. As he got down off of the stairs, Gary slowly snuck out from behind the steps, grabbed a rock the size of a Brahmin's second head, and knocked the Legionary off balance. He them continued to bash the rock into the man's head, as hot blood gushed out of it and all over the ground and Gary's hands and lower arms. He continued to smash the Legionaries skull long after he stopped moving, then threw the rock on the Legionaries head. The blood splattered all over Gary's clothes and face, but he didn't care, he simply licked the blood around his mouth off and wiped off the rest with a piece of cloth he tore off of the legionaries clothing. He took the mans gun and stashed it inside his rags, then went over to Jasper's tent.

Chapter 2

Cristin screamed as she lay flat on her back in the dirt, giving birth to her son. The legionaries around her were screaming at her to push harder and to get it over with. Finally the baby popped out, only to be taken by Caesar.

"Wait!" Cristin called. "Where are you going?"

"I'm taking this child to be raised as one of my soldiers, that's where."

"But, he's my son!" Cristin argued. "I should be the one to raise him."

Caesar laughed at this. "A slave! Raise a child! Don't be ridiculous. You have work to do and people to fuck. You don't have time to raise a child. Now, get back to your tent!"

"You wont even let me see him?"

"What did I just say? Get the fuck back to your tent before I punish you."

Cristin got up and ran back to Jasper's tent, crying all the way. Harley ran into the tent and fell on the bed, bawling her eyes out. Jasper came in a few minutes later.

"Cristin," Jasper asked. "What's wrong?"

"My baby," Cristin explained. "They took my baby to raise him as a soldier!."

"My God."

"They wouldn't even let me see him, or name him."

"These people are evil bastards, we should revolt." Gary said.

"Revolt." Jasper replied. "And how the fuck do you expect us to do that? Its not like we're all holding a gun? We cant revolt without any fucking weapons!"

"We steal their weapons." Gary replied

"And how do you expect us to do that?" Jasper asked

"Jasper, we simply kill them, get their weapons, and haul ass back to the camp." Gary explained.

"You make it sound so easy." Jasper said, sarcastically.

"And if that doesn't work." Gary then pulled out a suppressed pistol. "We could always use this."

"WHERE THE FU-" Jasper started before Cristin put her hand over Jasper's mouth and shushed him.

"If they hear us," Cristin whispered. "We're all dead!"

"Fine, but where the fuck did you get that Gary?" Jasper asked

"I took it from one of the guards last night." Gary explained.

"And how exactly did you kill him?" Jasper asked.

"I found a rock." Gary said.

"Did you leave the body?" Jasper asked.

"Uhh . . ." Gary dumbly said.

"God damn it Gary!" Jasper said. "You left the fucking body!?"

"If they see him, we're all dead!" Cristin said.

"No, I'm dead." Gary corrected. "You will all be fine."

"Not if we get rid of the body." Jasper got up. "Come on."

Cristin and Gary got up too.

"Where are we going?" Gary asked.

"To get rid if the body." Jasper replied.

"I'm staying here." Cristin said.

"Fine, Come on Gary." Jack said.

"Coming." Gary replied.

They got out of the tent and ran to where the body was, as silently as they could. He was surely dead. Blood was splattered all over where his head would be. But he wasn't the only one there. Standing to the dead legionaries left, were two other legionaries.

Chapter 3

"You there!" One of them said. "What are you doing outside of your tents?"

"We heard a fight, and came out to see what happened." Jasper lied. "If it was anything bad, we were going to find you and tell you whats going on."

"Well then," The second legionary started. "Why are you covered in blood?"

"Oh, uhh, that's from a-" Jack started.

"Don't lie Jasper," Gary interrupted. "I'll explain."

"Then explain." The third legionary commanded.

"You see, I am the one who killed that legionary," He explained, while putting his hand into the inner part of his rags. "I am also the one who will kill you."

He pulled out the pistol and shot at the legionaries, each bullet hitting them. The legionaries dropped their weapons and fell to the ground. Gary ran up to the dead legionary, grabbed his machete, and slit the throats of the three legionaries. They choked on there own blood and puked it out, then died. Gary grabbed ammo from the three of them and took some of their throwing weapons. He also grabbed a machete and another pistol and threw it to Jasper.

"We're leaving this shit-hole," Gary explained. "Use those to kill any legionary that gets in our way."

"No," Jasper said. "You go ahead and kill as many as you damn well please. I'm going to get Cristin."

"Fine," Gary replied. "But be quick."

Gary ran off to kill more of the Legion.

Jasper went back to his tent to find Cristin. Once he approached it, he could hear her screams. Jasper snuck up to the tent and peered in. Inside he could see Cristin getting raped by a Legionary. Jasper could see the fear in Cristin's eyes. She's been through this several times before, having legionary after legionary brutally rape her day in and day out. Jasper couldn't take it anymore. As he felt the rage inside him build up, he ran in, took out his machete, and stabbed the Legionaries neck. The Legionary tried to scream, but he couldn't. The sword through his neck made it impossible for him to breath, and eventually collapsed.

Jasper slid the sword out and looked at what he had done.

"Fuck." Jasper whispered. "This is bad."

He looked down at the dead man. There was blood literally pouring out of his neck.

"This is really bad Cristin," Jasper said to Cristin while she was getting her rags back on. "We need to get out of here."

"Okay." She replied as she took the dead man's gun. "Lead the way."

They ran outside of the tent. As they started making their way through the camp, they could see it was littered with bodies of dead legionaries and slaves.

"Why the fuck are all these people dead?" Cristin asked.

"It must be Gary," Jasper replied. "While I was getting you, he must have gathered up an army of the slaves to fight the Legion."

Jasper saw Gary on top of one of the guard towers. He snuck up on the guard and slit his neck, then he proceeded to laugh as he used the Legionary's machete to cut his head off. He then continued to stab at the dead man repeatedly, laughing maniacally.

"Gary!" Jasper yelled. "I got Harley! Let's go."

Gary stopped stabbing the Legionary and looked up.

"Are you joking!?" Gary yelled back. "I am having too much fun to leave now!"

"We have to go! NOW!!"

"NO!!" Gary jumped off of the guard tower and walked to Jack. "I'm not leaving until every last one of these Legion bastards are dead!"

"Gary! You've gone mad with bloodlust!" Jasper screamed back. "If you stay here, you'll die!!"

"Then let me die! Cause I'm not leaving!"

"Fine, stay here and die. Me and Harley are leaving."

Jasper and Cristin then continued running through the camp, leaving the screams of dying Legionaries and slaves behind them.