• Megaton Mettaur

    Hi guys, It's Zachary the Mettaur saying hello and happy new year! the new year gretting is a bit late, but the message is I am happy to be here. I am holding a contest, for Fallout 3. People have at times disagreed on which enemy is the most annoying, what is the easiest to kill, and such other topics. I want to clear this up.Whichever npc, animal, creature, or robot gets the most votes wins the title, and it wll be put on their page. The award for this week until January 14th, 2010 is easiest kill. If it doesn't infringe copyright or anything, I think I will make that trophy look like one of those gold base things, but instead of a gold person, I will put a golden goomba. Please tell me if that is not allowed. I will also hold votes on I…

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