• Mdavis6565


    December 13, 2009 by Mdavis6565

    Hello everyone. I am writing a book based in the fallout world. It still is in the early stages and the technical stuff is not perfect yet but the wiki page is really helpful in getting things sorted out. I know my description on the Mr. Handy right now is way off but I will get to that later. I just wanted to post some of it and see what everyone thinks of it.

    Here is a couple sections of the first chapter:

    What good can come from an ideology born of blood? - Question of the day

    Alahora was raised to be tough. She was born in 2246 in Vault 501 outside of Richmond. The vaults designated #01 were in fact the only Vaults to last more than a few decades and fulfill their intended purpose. The other vaults were designed to be experiments capable …

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