so im not a big BLOGGER this'll be my first i read alot of you fellow vault dwellers comments but never add my opinion but i have to add my 2 cents for FNV and well i dont even know if im blogging in the right place but man im really loving FNV and the the things that are making it awsome are all the little Fallout 2 things added now i didnt pick that trait at the beginning where its all the funny encounters wait till my second playthrough although i think it shoulda been normal not a trait now the radio sucks ttooo much country music bbut so far my favorit thing is the background music just that alone makes it feel more like a fallout game then F3 was they brought back the same music and now it really feels right lol. the little things like more weapons old weapons came back i just love it. better perks better monster old items all these small things(and im not even that far yet soo probably whole lot more) make this game a fallout game so yah so far real happy with it. they even fixed skills and SPECIAL a bit more makes it like you can make a certain type of character instead of F3 where by lvl 20 you weree always the same type of character no matter how many times you played, but still not as indepth as F2(character wise) but still pretty good. i still think though you should be able to pik specific body parts in vats when using melee\unarmed as in f2 i loved being melee characters. but its not a huge problem i guess lol so far im very happy with FNV except like the title says FNV IS WHAT F3 SHOULDA BEEN its what i expected F3 woulda been when i heard it was comming out. anyway im going to get back to my game as i havent checked anny of the spoilers,locations or quests on this site about FNV it was hard but it makes the game new instead of knowing where everything is lol oh yah and one thing about FNV itseems to bee a little restricive about where you can go and what you can jump on\over which is a little crappy but hey go CLASSIC PACK lol