David Hodgson, the author of the Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide returns to the Bethesda blog to discuss survival.

Crafting doesn’t involve making papier-mâché Vault Boy heads; this is all about hunting and scavenging, and then combining items to create much more potent food, drink and equipment. Indeed, the official strategy guide goes to extended lengths to provide you with the most helpful information to get you tracking down the tastiest morsels and most delicious beverages. Or the most potent poisons with which to coat your melee weapon, and charge head-long into that Fiend encampment you’ve been wanting to ransack.

And another

You should have shot at Raiders and Centaurs throughout the Capital Wasteland armed with a weapon that fires these bullets. But as battle-scarred Mojave wanderers will tell you, they tend to be pretty feeble against anything more than a lightly-armored target. With low damage, but common availability, this ammo type used to be a stop-gap measure until something better was found. Not anymore! With some Reloading Bench hijinks, a Hollow Point variable can be created. This increases the damage you inflict by 75 percent, which makes combat 75 percent more satisfying. However, it also triples a target’s DT (Damage Threshold, which is the amount of absorption a foe’s armor can take before the strike hits soft, squishy flesh)

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