Hello there, fellow people of Nukapedia. I am Matt2077, and I was hoping we could talk. Our first subject is the homosexuality in the Fallout world. As we know, in Fallout New Vegas, three remarkable characters were homosexuals: Arcade Gannon, Veronica Santangelo and Major Knight. They were the most visible homosexual characters in the Fallout world, and that leads to the question: how homosexuality is seen in the Fallout world? How it's generally seen by who isn't homosexual? How the post apocalyptic societys see homosexual relationships and behaviors?

In my opinion, no one cares about sexuality. Times are so harsh that there isn't too much time to spend caring about other people's lives; security and food supplies aren't guaranteed like today, with large police forces and supermarkets in almost every corner. That is what I wanted to discuss with you. How do you see that question in the Fallout world? How does it fit in the whole thing? We all know that this subject is also rising into discussions and debates in our modern society; it's only a matter of time before this falls into Bethesda's writing. I want to know your opinion about it. You're free to express it on the comment section, whatever opinion you have. Stay safe, people. This is Matt2077 signing off, and have a wonderful day.