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  • I live in Brazil
  • I was born on July 17
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Matt2077

    Hello there, fellow people of Nukapedia. I am Matt2077, and I was hoping we could talk. Our first subject is the homosexuality in the Fallout world. As we know, in Fallout New Vegas, three remarkable characters were homosexuals: Arcade Gannon, Veronica Santangelo and Major Knight. They were the most visible homosexual characters in the Fallout world, and that leads to the question: how homosexuality is seen in the Fallout world? How it's generally seen by who isn't homosexual? How the post apocalyptic societys see homosexual relationships and behaviors?

    In my opinion, no one cares about sexuality. Times are so harsh that there isn't too much time to spend caring about other people's lives; security and food supplies aren't guaranteed like t…

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  • Matt2077

    Guys, shit is getting REAL down here. Public transportation strikes are in, another categories are entering into this "wave", and essential categories of public services are threatening to do strikes just like may bus companies down here. 3 weeks left to the World Cup, and chaos arose into this land. 300.000 people could not get home yesterday due to these strikes. City teachers are also in the same condition since last month. Things are getting really bad here, as violence just increases. This is not a safe place. People are going to die. And i'm not joking. We can't stop it, it's too late.…

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  • Matt2077

    That's right people, South America is not dead! Or at least, it's not so irradiated. Collapsing buildings and other types of destruction are normal. And now with the news:

    "Sao Paulo may have to ration water this year if reservoir levels are not replenished, Brazil's largest water and sewage utility said, an increasing possibility as the southeast region heads into its dry season.

    Worries of a water shortage in the metropolis of some 20 million that will host the soccer World Cup opening match on June 12 have increased amid dry weather this week, and the city's main source of water, the Cantareira reservoir, was at just 12.7 percent of its capacity as of Wednesday.

    Economists worry that water rationing or shortages could take a toll on Brazil…

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