Ive long pondered on killing super mutants which my pals in the whasteland. We all know Bethesda will not be making a MMORPG Fallout which I dont mind to be honest but what about CO-OP??? Co-op is allways fun in games like Gears and such. A DLC which allows Co-op between XBOX 360, PS3 or PC friends would be awesome seen as its easier to do than an MMO and it would be better seen as you and your friends would be able to explore a new land togeather and take down what ever evil there is and save the whasteland or comdem it if your evil. 2-4 co-op players would be an acceptable limit. so if anyone has any Ideas about your own CO-OP mission or story post your comments, or opinions on wheather a Co-op DLC should be made or not. all comments are welcome aslong as they are relevent lol.

Remember "Courage today victory tomrrow"