Ok, here's what you do:

First, keep any weapon and armor that has a high caps price, then repair them to increase the price, then go back to your crib and store them. You can do this for as long as you want, until you feel like selling them or really need to buy something that you want.(Make sure you have a high barter skill!). Here is a list of the items that are worth selling:


•Recon Armor- $7200

•Combat Armor- $6500

•Combat Helmet- $800

•Hunting Rifle- $2200

•Hunting Shotgun- $3800

•Hunting Revolver- $3500

•Minigun- $5500

•Assault Carbine- $3950

•.44 Revolver- $2500

•10mm SMG- $2370

•Fat Man- $6000

•Missle Launcher- $3900

•Lever-Action Shotgun- $2000

•Marksman Carbine- $5200

•Lazer Rifle- $800

•Gauss Rifle- $3000

•Gatling Lazer- $6800

•Plasma Rifle- $1300

•Plasma Pistol- $200

•Plasma Mine- $300

•Plasma Grenade- $300

•Lazer RCW- $2150

•C-4- $2000

•Tri-Beam Lazer Rifle- $4800

•Brush Gun- $4900

•12.2mm SMG- $

•Grenade Rifle- $300

•Grenade Launcher- $4200

•Assault Rifle- $300

•Combat Shotgun- $200

•Chinese Assault Rifle- $500

Second, in Fallout: New Vegas, there is a casino called "Atomic Wrangler Casino" next to the Silver Rush. What you do is, save up all the NCR and Legion money you have, go to the guy who gives you casino chips and keep asking him to exchange both of the factions money. After you exchange the money (don't exchange caps for chips), tell the guy you would like to cash in all your chips, choose the "I would like to cash-in chips for caps" speech choice and then you should start hearing the beautiful sound of caps in your pockets.

Third, (some of the items mentioned in this list may/may not be in the Fallout game you have) what you do is collect miscellaneous items in the Wasteland. Here is a list of the items that are worth selling:


•Pre-War Money- $10

•Deathclaw Egg- $400

•Fire Gecko Egg- $65

•Green Gecko Egg- $80

•Golden Gecko Egg- $50

•Purified Water- $20

•Carton of cigarettes- $40

•Nuka-Cola Quartz- $40

•Nuka-Cola Victory- $75

If there's anything else that I forgot to add or you want me to add to this list, just leave me a comment.