Ok, the story takes place somewhere near the D.C. Wasteland, theres an underground bunker and inside that bunker, there are cryo-tubes. Your character was frozen for about 179 years for a military project. They get unfozen, they fall onto the ground, then look up to see other cryo-tubes either opened or damaged with someone still inside it. They walk over to a table and on that table, there is a Chinese Assault rifle, some first-aid, ammo, grenades, and a combat armor. They then exit the bunker and discover that the world they use to know is long gone. So, now their mission is to find out what happened when they were frozen. There is a war going on between the military that your character is in and an army of Brotherhood Outcasts fighting over control of an fueling station and weapons and ammo depo. You have a choice to either help the military or change the course of history by helping out the Outcasts.