I've logged over 100 hours between two games of Fallout 3 so far, and watched a friend play several hours of his own game. Watching others game can be an interesting, sometimes [often] frustrating experience...but that's a whole different blog entry. Sometimes, I find myself a bit overwhelmed. I still definitely consider myself a total newbie [n00b] when it comes to the world of Fallout. For what it's worth [2 caps, 3 with Barter 100], I think that I've found my Star Wars.

I've been reluctant to do missions and certain actions with my current good female character because I don't want to close off possibilities of other missions/perks. For example, in my first game, in which I am playing a pure evil male, I detonated the bomb in Megaton. Then, I read on this site that I had missed the Strength Bobblehead in Sheriff Simms' house! No!!! Not the absolute end of the world, but now I can't complete my Bobblehead collection in that game. *Tears*

Trying to keep up with all the information this game contains, wow, it's tough. I'm glad to have this site as an extremely valuable tool. This is MY Wasteland Survival Guide. I use a couple of other sources here and there for clarification, particularly in quests. If I had to name one weakness of this wiki, it's that some of the mission walkthroughs could be better. I have hardly contributed anything here yet, so I'm not trying to "hate" or rip the site. I'm merely stating where I see room for improvement. Right now, as a newbie, I feel like only the most minor of edits that I put forth around here will be accepted, understandably.

Enough typing, time to get back out there for some Fallout.

Happy Trails!