My character has crossed level 25. 5 Perks to go. Now time for indecisiveness and second guessing to take over.

Perks I want: Almost Perfect - no brainer there Ninja? I do a lot of sneaky attacks, so this one probably. Cyborg? How much do I really need +10 DR once I'm wearing power armor though? +10 energy? Can get that through books. Puppies? I rarely take Dogmeat Entomologist? Really only needed for Albino/giant radscorpions though

Perks I regret: Deep Sleep: Well-rested anywhere - only increases XP gains by 10% - comes late in the levels and you can always go to your Megaton/Tenpenny home. It'll be useless once I hit level 30, even though it'll get me there faster.

Black Widow: Not that useful over the course of the game really. I guess the +10% damage against males is good though. It leaves me wondering if it's actually working sometimes though.

It'd help to post the perks I do have, but it's quite a list at this point. I don't really NEED them so it's not that big of a deal, I guess.