Dawn Omega found herself abducted by aliens on a spaceship in her latest Fallout 3 adventure. After fleeing the scene of a battle between a Protectron, Sentry bot, and deathclaw, Dawn found a downed...UFO? And a green...alien? Or is it just a ghoul? As she stepped closer for a better look, she got pulled up by some sort of beam and passed out. She woke up inside a futuristic-looking cell with some slaver chick. They staged a fight, a fight in which the slaver did not pull her punches, and jumped their green alien captors.

Dawn rescued an annoying little girl from another holding cell. After a major shoot-out, Dawn thawed out some cryogenically frozen humans from times past. Dawn trusted a man named Paulson to hold his own against aliens in the hangar, but Paulson got shot down, despite Dawn's best efforts to save him. The alien onslaught was just too great, and Paulson too gung ho, stupid. The others included a medic, a samurai warrior, the previously mentioned slaver, and the little girl. Dawn wouldn't allow them to accompany her on the rest of her missions. The samurai warrior abandoned them.

Finally, she reached the bridge of the mothership, where the alien captain and flight crew controlled the ship. A couple plasma grenades and strategically placed plasma mines put the five crew members down, leaving only the captain. Dawn marveled at how easy the captain was to take down. The rest of the humans joined her, ready to take the ship back to Earth.

Suddenly, another spaceship arrived and began attacking. Dawn frantically ran around the spaceship flipping generators on, killing out of nowhere aliens on the bridge, and firing at the enemy ship. The samurai warrior appeared from a side room and charged onto the bridge. Dawn mistook him for trying to attack her and shot him down, say cry your pardon. She finally managed to take out the enemy ship and the remaining pesky aliens on the bridge.

It was time to beam back down to Earth, but Dawn didn't trust the slaver chick, who demanded payment to fix weapons, and who was an utter bitch. The slaver insisted that Dawn leave the ship first. Dawn, having dealt with slavers in Paradise Falls and The Pitt, shot the slaver. She couldn't risk the safety of the girl or the medic. The 12,000+ caps back were just an added bonus.

Thoughts - the Mothership Zeta add-on was good, but definitely could've been better. I was disappointed that there wasn't at least one boss alien. The alien captain was no harder to kill than an average raider. While I'd have liked a bigger variety of aliens, I was okay with the old 40s-50s era idea of aliens. It fits the rest of the game. I wish there would've been some Predators and some Aliens [from the respective movie franchises] on the game.

More alien ammo too. Come on. Not a huge deal, as I won't be really using the alien weapons very often anyhow. Sally and Somah were some annoying characters. The Samurai and Paulson were going to die anyhow for their unique clothing and weapons. While Paulson got gunned down A LOT faster than I had hoped, I was glad he did.

I'd give the DLC something around 70-75 out of 100, largely relative to the rest of Fallout 3.