If anyone ever feels bored with roaming the Mojave Wasteland, you can simply try some achievements I've made and been doing. ~Infinite~ Mojave Cleanup- Collect Empty Sunset Sarsaparilla Bottles Scribe Yearling's Package- Collect Pre-War Books Jericho's Package- Collect Packs of Cigarettes Canned- Collect unbent Tin Cans

~Story Achievements~ Complete NCR Trooper with Good Karma and Idolized status with the NCR Complete Recruit Legionary with Bad Karma and Idolized status with the Legion

Also, I've made two (so far) role-plays for the NCR and Legion (seen above).

~NCR Trooper~

  • Male or Female Character
  • Must name Courier "NCR Trooper"
  • Can use only Assault Carbine, Service Rifle, Combat Knife and 9mm Pistol after reaching New Vegas (Try to get there relatively quickly)
  • Must use NCR trooper armor of any kind except Ranger Armor and Salvaged Power Armor as soon as that piece is acquired
  • Can use Ranger Armor and Ranger Sequoia at level 30 without DLC, Armor at 30 and Ranger Sequoia at 35 with DLC
  • NCR related quests take precedence
  • Must not be AWOL soldier (no NCR killing)
  • Must play on Hardcore mode
  • Must have home base at NCR Ranger Safehouse or a similar NCR controlled location

Or alternately:

~Recruit Legionary~

  • Male Character
  • Must name "Recruit Legionary"
  • Can use any weapon except anti-materiel rifle, sub-machine guns of any kind, and the NCR weapons above; must have a machete or machete gladius at all times (pick one up as soon as you see one)
  • Must use Legion armor by same rules stated in the NCR section, Centurion Armor at level 30 without DLC, 35 with DLC, and Thermic lance, super sledge, and anti-materiel rifle at level 30, 35 with DLC
  • No Legion killing
  • Legion related quests take precedence
  • Must play on hardcore mode
  • Must have home base at Legion controlled location