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    If anyone ever feels bored with roaming the Mojave Wasteland, you can simply try some achievements I've made and been doing. ~Infinite~ Mojave Cleanup- Collect Empty Sunset Sarsaparilla Bottles Scribe Yearling's Package- Collect Pre-War Books Jericho's Package- Collect Packs of Cigarettes Canned- Collect unbent Tin Cans

    ~Story Achievements~ Complete NCR Trooper with Good Karma and Idolized status with the NCR Complete Recruit Legionary with Bad Karma and Idolized status with the Legion

    Also, I've made two (so far) role-plays for the NCR and Legion (seen above).

    ~NCR Trooper~

    • Male or Female Character
    • Must name Courier "NCR Trooper"
    • Can use only Assault Carbine, Service Rifle, Combat Knife and 9mm Pistol after reaching New Vegas (Try to get there …
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