hello, im not new to fallout wiki i have used it for many fallout games but some of my favs were fallout3 and fallout new vegas i still play fallout3 today but the only way that was posible was because of fallout wiki helping me find all the neat little things i needed but with fallout new vegas well i think they should have made it a little more like fallout3. new vegas was really fun dont get me wrong but to do all the side missions and normal missions it took me like 3 days to do them all but fallout3 it took me like 2 months i just hope new vegas makes up for it by making a lot more add-ons if it makes add ons like the ones in fallout3 and honest hearts(and soon to be old world blues) it will replace fallout3 as my over favorite gmae:) and i know fallout wiki will be right behinde every new add-on coming out