Mad Max The Road Warrior

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  • My occupation is A glorified Cart pusher...Yay -.-
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  • Mad Max The Road Warrior

    Part One: The Realizations

     War, war never changes. When the world was consumed by atomic fire, those who survived did so in great underground vaults. When faced with the end of society and a chance to start over, man will always show their true nature. When it was deemed safe, people ventured out to begin again. They started new towns, tribes, even governments, others turned to a darker path. Became raiders, deserters, outlaws, and gangsters. In the year 2281, the two largest factions went head to head over an Old World relic, known as the Hoover Dam.

     It has been four years since the Bull, known as Caesar's Legion won, but just barely. They have expanded operations further into the Mojave. Even though they mostly defeated the NCR, the Bear…

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