well, first of all i'd like to mention that sometimes i write incorrectly (no first letter capital, not putting dots somewhere) but only when it comes to chat or well, this blog post for example

hope noone has a problem with that

what i'd just like to say is that i'm planning on making a small Fallout 2 mod based on my hometown, where i'd make locations all the important places here

it's not really supposed to fit anywhere or "anywhen" specific, it's just meant to be my ('our' actually) vision of this place in the post-apocalyptic world

when i do some significant work i'll add some screenshots and stuff to my user page

secondly i'd like to mention that if anyone has Steam they are free to join my group where i post some of my projects, like that mod i mentioned, so click here in case you're interested

that's about it and thank you for reading!