• Machienzo

    Who here has seen the "Making of DVD" for Fallout New Vegas? Not to worry. You can watch it again on Youtube.

    Now recently, I had a Twitter question answered partially by Victor Lucas regarding the music featured in the Collector's Edition Making of DVD. He answered "Audio Network". This was a good start, but didn't fully answer my question of 'what music' was featured on the disc. It's been bugging me since I first watched it.

    Anyway, here is the [Audio Network Site].

    Watching over these four videos of the entire making of, can you help me find all the songs featured? I have managed to find at least two songs. They are;

    • Vegas Swagger - Tim Garland
    • Show Town 2 - Tim Garland
    • Sweetheart Swing - Tim Garland
    • Memories of Benny - John Dankworth.

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