NOTE: This is just an idea for a possible Fallout 4 and the story, gameplay or anything have no current basis in reality.


The year is 2327. 250 years after the nuclear war that devastated mankind, factions vy for control all across what was once the United States. Never is it more prevalent than in the State of New York. The NCR expands from the west and numerous factions, old and new, attempt to stake a claim in the Eastern Commonwealth, a place torn apart by constant war and disease. Amidst the chaos, the fabled Stronghold remains untouched by war and disease. Once known as 'New York City', it is a place frozen in time, one that has avoided the nuclear fire that destroyed America. It is a city eternally guarded by an ancient army of robots, who's seemingly infinite supply of ammunition has kept intruders away from Strongold's hidden secrets for centuries.

You are the Unifier, unknowing grandson/daughter of the legendary Lone Wanderer. You awake in a clinic after an explosion that wiped your memory clean. As you try to piece together what happened to you and rediscover your past, you become embroiled in a conflict that threatens to shatter the destroy the state. However, you discover that a much larger threat looms on the horizon: the forces of the New Canadian Federation, seeing an easy target, is gathering it's forces for a full-scale attack on the East Coast.

You must unite the warring factions of New York, no matter what the cost, to prepare for one of the largest armies post-War America has ever seen. But when you travel to the legendary Stronghold, you disover that a far more terrifying threat is behind the upcoming battle: China.


The game will be the first game of a three-part trilogy that will take place across the northern reaches of America. Every choice has an effect and impacts the other games in the trilogy, Mass Effect-style. The second game in the trilogy will be about repelling a Chinese invasion and the third game will be stopping the Chinese once and for all.

The trilogy will utilise the Creation Engine which will allow for much improved graphics. New, improved AI will also be in the game, and will feature:

  • If you pull out a gun on someone, they will either give you their possessions if unarmed or put their hands up/behind their head. If they are armed and agressive to you, they will fire at you. If they are armed but friendly to you, they will ask you to put the gun away.
  • If you are sneaking, the people nearby will know you are there if they saw you come into the room before.
  • There will be a more advanced factions system than Fallout: New Vegas. Instead of shooting you on site if you commit a crime, a faction would probably try to detain you instead and or prosecute you.
  • Bodies do not stay in one spot forever. They will either decay, be looted by wastelanders or will be moved.
  • Shooting without hitting people can also turn people hostile towards you.

Instead of the normal 13 skills seen in Fallout: New Vegas, some skills will be merged so there will be 8 skills:

  • Guns+Energy Weapons+Explosives=Ranged Weapons
  • Survival+Medicine=Survival
  • Speech+Barter=Speech
  • Lockpick
  • Melee Weapons+Unarmed=Melee
  • Repair
  • Science
  • Sneak

Sprinting will be introduced and the max amount of weight that can be carried will be increased. A major addition to the series will be upgradable cars. Like in Rage, you will be able to purchase and upgrade your own personal buggy/vehicle/motorcycle (powered by solar energy) and compete in races.

Like in Fallout 3, you will once again be able to rob a merchant for all they have, unlike being unable to do so in New Vegas. However, the loot will be locked in a locked safe of varying degrees of dificulty: the more/better quality goods a merchant carries, the harder it is to break into the safe.

Along the lines of trading, you will be able to set your own prices for how much you sell your items for; it's dependant on the AI of whether the other party accepts the proposed payment.

Combat will become more difficult for both the player and NPCs alike. It will take less shots/hits to kill you and enemies, and there will be more impact/injury with each hit you take. If you are on the ground and are about to die, you may plead for your life with the enemy in various ways. Also, in combat you don't neccessarily need to kill the enemy; you could simply incapacitate them if you wanted. The injury system will be expanded on: if you are shot in the legs, you will be downed. If you're shot in the weapon arm (right), you can no longer use your weapon in combat until you are healed.

Thank you very much for reading, and I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments.