Prologue __________________________________________________________________________________________

You are the Courier. The second battle of Hoover Dam has already ended and you have come out on top of the NCR and the Legion. You and you alone now rule an independent New Vegas. A couple years after your victory at the Dam and with the help of local tribes and groups you gain complete control over the Mojave Wasteland, Zion Canyon, Big MT, and Hopeville. You are king of New Vegas, but even though it sounds great it has become boring for you. All traces of Fiends and other petty raider groups have been turned into very small isolated groups of idiots with weapons. All major towns and settlements are fortified to the point where even a deathclaw can't get within 100 yards without being killed. And with Yes Man no longer having his old "Yes Man" attitude, you can't order him to do everything for you. So now your trusty weapons and Elite Riot Gear collect dust along with your sense of adventure while you have to do all that stuff that rulers have to do. One day while reading over a bill stating that more colleges should have classes teaching the basics of toaster repair, you get a faint signal on your Pip-Boy. The signal is coming from somewhere in the Midwest from what you can tell but you can't figure out where from. After a little bit of tuning the signal, you get the signal to come in clearly and learn that the signal is a looping broadcast. You sit down and listen to the broadcast. “Hello intelligent beings! My name is Corey, and I have a game I would like you all to play. This game is a simple scavenger hunt. ‘Run through here and grab these, go get that’, that kind of game. But here’s the catch. This ‘simple’ scavenger hunt will be taking place in four, yes four, different parts of what used to be dear old America! And how will you go from place to place? Simple, through the scientific powers of teleportation! You will be facing up against whoever is in the contest, and that could be anybody, so winner takes all! Oh, and what do you win? You win the greatest and most powerful weapon that has ever been made! Now, if you are interested in my game then follow this broadcast until you see what looks like a downed satellite. Hurry now before it’s too late!”