Part 3: I Hate Dogs _______________________________________________________________________________________

You freeze, knowing that any sudden movement will make it attack and alert any other dog in the building of your presence. Keeping your eyes on the dog you slowly reach for your Colt, knowing that since it’s silenced it won’t alert any other dogs. You aim for the head and pull the trigger. Miss. The bullet hits the wall an inch away from the dog’s head. It looks in your direction and growls, hungry for flesh. You panic and fire again. Miss. The dog barks twice and charges. You drop your Colt and pull out your machete. The dog lunges. You swing your blade. Hit. The dog falls to the ground with a slashed throat and bleeds out. You stand up, grab your Colt from the ground, and go to explore. You go down a floor and poke around the empty office building. You look around and see on a wall “DCPD: Denver City Police Department”. You recognize the acronym DCPD and can’t remember at first. Then you remember the DCPD badge you need to find must be here! Somewhat excited that you figured out what DCPD means, you look around for anything that looks like a badge. You check a big office and find a skeleton with a big hole in the back of its skull sitting at a desk and a 9mm pistol on the ground. After digging around you find a fancy Police Pistol with a longer barrel and a custom paint job and a badge. It says “Denver Police” in big black letters. This must be the badge you have to find. As you tuck away the badge and Police Pistol to keep as a trophy, you realize that you have a big problem. How will you get out of the DCPD building? You think. You could either go onto street level go outside then climb back up, or figure out a way to get on the roof of the building. Remembering you’re not insane, you decide to find a way onto the roof. You look around more and decide to go back up a floor. You look around the third floor of the DCPD and find a hatch that leads onto the surface. You try to open it. Locked. Maybe there’s a key lying around in the building. You go to search the second floor again until you see a janitor’s closet. There must be a key to the roof in there. As you walk towards the janitor’s closet you stop as another mangy dog walks in your path. You freeze and reach for your Colt .45. The dog charges at you. You pull out your Colt and put two bullets in its skull before it can even get near you. As you wonder why your aim wasn’t this good earlier, you look around the janitor’s closet and find a key to the roof. You go back to the hatch on the third floor and open it. You’re now back outside. Now to find a salvager and take their ear. You head towards a skyscraper covered with high platforms and you start climbing up through the use of ladders. Eventually, 30 stories up, you find a salvager sitting in front of a fire. He’s startled to see another human and welcomes you. “Hello! What can I do for you?” He seems friendly, so instead of asking for his ear you ask him about the CRB-S robots. “Those damned robots? I’ve seen one of those roaming the street every now and then. Hell I have one laying right over there. Thing must’ve run outta power and collapsed before I found it, so I brought it up here.” You can’t believe your luck as you look over at the powerless robot. You ask the salvager if you can have one leg of the robot. “You wanna buy its leg? Well if you want it, then that would cost you about 750 caps.” You consider his offer. You can either pay up and take the leg, or you can kill him then take his ear and the leg. Instead, you use your skilled speaking techniques to lie to him and say that a CRB-S robot killed your wife and the only way to bring honor back to your tribe was to bring back the leg of a CRB-S robot. “Well I’m sorry to hear that stranger, but if it means that much to you, I’ll bring my price down to 250.” You decide to pay him the caps. “Pleasure doing business with you stranger, the leg’s all yours.” You walk over to the CRB-S and try to detach the leg. While fiddling with it, the CRB-S robot jumps to life and pounces on you. Its weight starts to crush you as you try to push it off. Before it can do any more damage, the salvager hits the CRB-S’ head with a side swipe from a sledgehammer, decapitating it. “You’re welcome stranger. Would you like some help with that?” You agree, then lay back and consider if you should have this place destroyed when you get home while the salvager takes off its leg. You hate dogs now, too.