Part 1: The Start of it All ____________________________________________________________________________________________

You become excited. Having a chance to explore new lands and win a prize for free? You can’t miss this. After telling Yes Man to take care of the Mojave while you’re gone you grab your trusty Assault Carbine, silenced Colt .45, and broad machete and put on your Elite Riot Gear then head towards the signal ready for anything. Eventually you come across a small crashed satellite outside of the REPCON headquarters. After messing with it a little it emits a strange beam. The beam feels tingly. The tingly beam soons covers your whole body and teleports you to a large metal room with no windows but many lights. You see that other people are already waiting for the game to begin. You see a big green super mutant with a Minigun and plenty of scars, a slender woman with a katana and revealing clothing, a group of three moderately armed raiders, an old scavenger and his dog, some caravaneers and a hired gun, and a ghoul with a couple expensive guns and some kind of special ops armor. You notice that some of the other people are socializing, so you decide to say hello to the scavenger. The scavenger is of African American descent and carries around a sawed-off shotgun and a baseball bat. You ask for his name, hoping to make an ally. “My name is Old Eli, and this is my dog Coco.” You ask him where he’s from. “I’m from the Capital Wasteland. I was scavenging some old office building outside of D.C. when I heard the broadcast. I decided to follow it and it led me here. Now what’s your story?” You tell him who you are and where you’re from. “The Mojave? Huh, never been there. I doubt I’d ever make it there in my lifetime too.” He laughs. “So why did you come here?” Before you can answer, you hear a voice over the intercoms scattered around the room. It’s Corey. “Hello contestants! I hope you’re all ready for the first part of the game because I know I am! Now I see that there are ten of you here, including that dog, and there are four places for you to all scavenge. Now I hope you all have a good time scavenging! The list of items I want will be given to you as soon as you leave. So good luck and don’t die!” You feel the tingly feeling again. You’re teleported away to the top of a rooftop in God knows where. You look around to see your surroundings. You’re in a pre-war city with darkened polluted skies and giant skyscrapers. You decide to jump down into the streets but then you noticed that the streets are filled with hundreds of wild dogs. You quickly change your mind and decide to look around to see if there’s a sign or anything that says where you are. You notice a platform made of an old sign, ironically, sticking out of a building so you go to see what is says. It says “Welcome to Denver, Colorado.” F#ck. It had to be Denver.

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