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That Marek's a strange one, always talking about restoring the highways to their old world glory days. Like to see how he intends to achieve that...


Marek's Chopshop is a mechanic's garage operating out of the Hub, owned by brothers Marek and Aleksandar. Whilst Aleksander works as a Merchant stocking various toolkits and other mechanical devices, his older brother is intent upon stripping the unsuable gasoline engine out of one of the old vehicles, and replacing it with a generator that can run on Microfusion cells.



The Chopshop can be found in the Hub entrance, run by Marek. Aleksandar is Marek's younger, more sensible brother, and deals with sale of goods. It is possible to purchase a Tool from Aleksandar, as well as various other miscellaneous items, including Lockpicks, Electronic lock picks, and Bottle caps, depending on the player's level.

If you speak to Marek, you can activate the quest Recover the parts for Marek.

Fallout: 2

Smitty discusses the work of the brothers in Fallout 2, claiming that his work on the Highwayman is based on one of their prototypes. If pressed, Smitty will tell the Chosen One what happened to the brothers following the events of Fallout, and reveals that their success in repairing the vehicles following the Vault Dweller's help ultimately led to their downfall when jealous members of Vance's crew killed the brothers to take over their business, not realizing that they lacked the technical know-how to make vehicles operational themselves. This explains why Smitty is the only person in the Wasteland in 2241 with the know-how to get vehicles operational again, despite the brothers solving the problem 2161.

Related Quests

Recover the parts for Marek: If the player speaks to Marek, he will tell them he is trying to get an old Highwayman working again, and needs parts. If the player retrieves the Fuel cell regulator from Necropolis, the Fuel cell controller from Junktown, and 100 Microfusion cells, Marek will give the player the Highwayman as payment, stating that now he knows his designs will work, he will be rich anyway and does not need the prototype.


Completing the quest “Recover the parts for Marek” is the only way to obtain the Highwayman in Fallout.

Because the design for the Highwayman has not yet been perfected by Smitty, the car will only work until it's initial stock of 100 Microfusion cells has been depleted. Whilst this means that the player is likely to spend longer acquiring the parts necessary to obtain the vehicle than they will actually using it, it can still be a worthwhile journey, owing to the 1500 experience points the player gains from completing the mission. Aleksandar will also give you a 15% discount for helping his brother.