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    Marek's Chopshop is a mechanic's garage operating out of the Hub, owned by brothers Marek and Aleksandar. Whilst Aleksander works as a Merchant stocking various toolkits and other mechanical devices, his older brother is intent upon stripping the unsuable gasoline engine out of one of the old vehicles, and replacing it with a generator that can run on Microfusion cells.

    The Chopshop can be found in the Hub entrance, run by Marek. Aleksandar is Marek's younger, more sensible brother, and deals with sale of goods. It is possible to purchase a Tool from Aleksandar, as well as various other miscellaneous items, including Lockpicks, Electronic lock picks, and Bottle caps, depending on the player's level.

    If you speak to Marek, you can activate th…

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  • Lukovich

    Being a relatively new user, I missed the start of Agent c's "Fallout: The Apprentice", and was unable to take part. However, the "Home Viewer Contest", with users submitting possible Perks for "Fallout 4", gave me an idea for a Perk I wouldn't mind seeing in-game, so I thought I'd type it up anyway. I therefore give you the updated version of the "Smooth Talker" Perk:

    Smooth Talker is a Fallout 4 (fictional) perk.

    Unfortunately, I'm apparently too new to be able to Create an infobox (I did try). However, The proposed requirements for this Perk are Level 10, and either Charisma, Intelligence or Perception of 7. (perhaps if a mod happens upon this post they'd edit it for me? Please?)

    When a player takes this perk, it is possible for them to pass …

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