• Lukagame

    Hello to who and/or what is readding this I am very Legendary at making Fallout 3 characters if I say so myself I make a fallout 3 veteran look like a snow-white heh heh...

    Your probable thinking "Yeah right this has to be some stupid noob" well can you go out into DC with only a combat knife and leather armour at level 2 or above and come back overcumbed without dieing I think not.

    In this game I rule seriously I don't want to sound narsasistic (though I am sounding the part).

    The first thing that I do in the start is chose boy don't know why but its fits then at being a one year old I set the SPECIAL at this in order:6,5,7,6,9,6,1.

    The Reason I put 6 for S , 5 for P , 7 for E , 9 for I , 6 for A and 1 for L is that S is for the parts that yo…

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