Well this could be an interesting piece indeed, it's about Interplay Entertainment (Bards Tale, Fallout, Icewind Dale, etc). Its the first video on the series but I hope they can touch on the latest drama with Bethesda (Fallout lawsuit). Talk about a fall from grace, this will probably hit a sore spot with almost all hardcore PC gamers.

thumb|300px|rightInterplay Part 1: Meteoric Rise:Interplay Part 1: Meteoric Rise

Once upon a time, Interplay was a titan of gaming, one of the strongest publisher/developers around. Today, they practically do not exist. How did it happen? In this first episode of our retrospective, watch and see how Interplay was inspired by a fistfight, and gave Blizzard and BioWare their starts.

This episode will show you: HOW TO avoid fistfights HOW TO make better games than the ones you buy HOW TO go from nothing to industry superpower in only five years