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    To explain what my topic is,Fallout consists of guns, food, ammo, money, perks, etc. Perks help your character advance faster, or you can increase attributes that help in combat. Armor is what defends you of course, wearing it increases you DT(Damage Threshold). Ammo of course give you rounds to fire your gun you currently have equipped. The currency used if Fallout is non other than bottle caps. These bottle caps are on sunset sarsaparilla bottles or Nuka Cola bottles. Lets start!

    .Make sure to sell unneeded items for extra caps you need.

    .Have reserve ammo, for instance, surplus rounds help, 5mm surplus, 5.56mm surplus, micro-fusion cell bulk, etc. Check on your gun condition to make sure those rounds dont decay your gun fast.

    .Check your a…

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