Having recently created my profile page I thought it fitting to write a user blog just to introduce myself as well. Howdy, I'm Gav and I first discovered the Fallout wikia by accident whilst browsing another wiki. This wikia has helped me so much throughout my time owning fallout games and I'd like to personally thank all the editors and admins/mods. I got tired of floating around as an anon so I decided to make a proper account. I have to say I'm glad I did. So again, hey I'm Gav. Nice to meet you all. You'll probably see me on the chat sometime (although when there's loads of people on there it can get pretty hectic)

Here's some facts about me

  • My Favourite score in any Fallout game is Gold Slouch by Mark Morgan which I first heard when discovering the highwayman wreckage
  • I'm determined to prove that Deathclaw's are pussies. They're not.
  • My favourite trader in F:NV is Miguel in the Pawn Shop and I always wonder what's through the door at the end of his store, behind the wood panels
  • My favourite follower is Raul. Just love his dry sense of humour
  • My most embarrassing scare in a Fallout game was when I'd just killed a supermutant which I was so intent on teabagging that I jumped out of my skin when I turned around to find another one staring at me. He promptly beat me to death with a sledgehammer while I screeched like a little girl
  • I loved exploring the subways in Fallout 3 and was quite disappointed to find none in New Vegas