Howabout this- to expand upon your idea(, the game starts in the commonwealth (2316) in an emerald city of sorts, maby built out of boston. A shining city on the hill a seeming Tech rich Utopia with a tinge of dystopia, as the A.I. run androids have taken over the government of this society and are slowly but surely through propaganda are convincing the citizenry that relinquishing themselves of thier fleshy forms and digitally converting themselves into androids is the way of the future and the only practical way to continue the human race given the desolation of the wastes (all of which is a cover for stealing peoples conciousness and storing them in a techno-master-like hive mind). You are an early experiment in cybornetic integration (a first step to full digitization).

 No matter how you feel about the politics before you have a chance to convice the public the city is attacked by a Chinese (begrudging) joint venture with the enclave. The attack is simply a cover to capture you, and all the precious tech installed there-in. Whisked away on a Virtibird you unwillingly say goodbye to your shining home and are shipped south to a Secret facility in Cuba.
 En-route you pass New York's skyline where a rouge Super-mutant launches a rocket which kills most of the crew, It's your choice whether to fight the survivors some chinese some enclave, push them out of the ship somwhere over Pennsylvania and pilot it yourself or to let them live and attempt to take you to thier ultimate destination. either way there is no hope of return becuase even if you kill them the ships controls are locked and automated. No-one is happy as the vertibird starts to descend over the D.C. Wasteland nicking the top of the Washington memorial.
 The Vertibird has no chance of making it to Cuba but stays up long enough to crash land in the everglades swamps just south of Miami. You and the survivors form a limited companionship (and may stick around depending on how you play), to escape the mutant ridden swamps to make it to some form of civilazation. Your Quest- Somehow make it back to your happy hamlet up north in the commonwealth. Told over 4 episodes, each bringing our kidnapped protaganist one step closer to home.
 Ep1- The Greater Miami area- the apocolyptic paradise city is frought with many elements left out of and in the "fountain of dreams" plus native american strongholds on golf courses, Cuban-chinese invaders, Manigators, and several references to the original Day of the Dead.
 Ep.2 Takes you to an expanded D.C. central post water purification (city only minus the wasteland). See how well or how bad things turned out there.
 Ep.3 Takes you to the Wilderness of Pennsylvania- where blue mountain hillbilly gouls reign supreme, some of the wildlife ie. Horses Raccoons and Mountain lions have all mutated some to the point of intelligence, the amish still live as they always have in lancaster and condemn the err of your technological ways until they figure out your half robot truth and form hunting parties.
 From there you go north to the final episode 4. perhapse the most robust as once complete you may or may not have access to return to the Commonwealth and post completion of the game can bring things back from thier to enlighten the masses as a post apocalyptian prometheus, BUT first you must escape from New York, A bombed out mutant ridden nest of scum and villiany. Half submerged due to melting of glaciers and NY's landfill colapses, the subways are now canals, traversablable by makeshift hovercrafts, Skyscrapers lean upon one-another making arc type structures, odd shaky hammock-like whole living communities that hang underneath, Don't forget the amish may hate you but the Enclave is still after you and the Chinese still have a strong pressence in the city that never sleeps. Somehow this all builds to a crescendo and somehow you have to fight your way home, triumphant, a war lord, or as a new messiah.

Thanks Saxony4