Karma is the foundation of the game. Without it you would die in an instant. Karma is what keeps you from running into death claws in the middle of no were. Good karma makes your life good and the exact opposite will make the game a living hell. Me I prefer good karma and the out comes of it. This guide is here to help you decide what path you'll take and the out comes of it.

First up good karma conseqences:

-Save Amata from the tunnel snakes

-Defuse the Atomic bomb in Megaton

-Activate the failsafe in Trainquility Lane.

-Save Faukes

-Tell President Eden to Self Destruct Raven Rock

-Destroy the FEV virus or give it to Elder Lyons

Those are all the good karma choices for the main story now time for bad karma choices:

-Help the tunnel snakes make fun of Amata

-Blow up the Atomic bomb in Megaton

-Kill everyone in Trainquility Lane

-Activate FEV Virus

Those are all the main karmatic choices for the game.

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