• Look its good karma man


    January 9, 2010 by Look its good karma man

    We all know the basic drugs you can take in Fallout 3 like Rad-X or Med-X but what exactly do they do? We"ll Ive created this guide here about all the kinds of drugs you can be taking for better, or worse.

    Med-X is the name for the highly potent painkiller which appears in Fallout 3. When injected, it makes the user impervious to pain to the degree that damage resistance is increased by 25% - this will last for 240 seconds, or twice as long with the Chemist perk.

    Rad-X is an anti-radiation chemical that can significantly reduce the danger of irradiated areas. When combined with an Advanced Radiation Suit, Rad-X can—even at moderate medical skill levels—create near-immunity to radiation.

    Rad-X is best used in heavily irradiated areas. It is reas…

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  • Look its good karma man


    January 9, 2010 by Look its good karma man

    Karma is the foundation of the game. Without it you would die in an instant. Karma is what keeps you from running into death claws in the middle of no were. Good karma makes your life good and the exact opposite will make the game a living hell. Me I prefer good karma and the out comes of it. This guide is here to help you decide what path you'll take and the out comes of it.

    First up good karma conseqences:

    -Save Amata from the tunnel snakes

    -Defuse the Atomic bomb in Megaton

    -Activate the failsafe in Trainquility Lane.

    -Save Faukes

    -Tell President Eden to Self Destruct Raven Rock

    -Destroy the FEV virus or give it to Elder Lyons

    Those are all the good karma choices for the main story now time for bad karma choices:

    -Help the tunnel snakes make fun…

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  • Look its good karma man

    OK I'm writing this for a very big reason that may be commonly known by now but for those of you who don't know or realize that's why I'm writing it. One word NOOBS (newbie) are really annoying and don't make much sense. I mean if your 3/4 of the way done with the game and still think the BB gun is good then put down your controller, throw away the console, and bring your Fallout 3 video game in the middle of the desert and drop an atomic bomb on it (literally).

    Now there's one exception to "noobism". If you just walked out of the vault then you can go ahead and pat yourself on the back. But still your missing the forest for trees if you think killing 20 cockroaches and 3 guards is going to get you through the death claw sanctuary then your…

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