After spending the weekend trapped inside my house thanks to the snow here in Minnesota I decided to see if there were any good PS4 mods and to my surprise there are. Currently there are 304 mods for Fallout 4 PS4 edition. So know I am going to tell you the top 10 mods you should download if you are on the PS4.

  • Dependency quest fix by cdante
  • Unlock ballistic weave by ANDREWCX
  • SimpleGreen by ANDREWCX
  • Buffed Minuteman Militia by Dragonovith
  • Limited Minuteman Quest by chucksteel
  • Plenty'O'Exploration by DangoSan
  • Dismemberment Overhaul by masternibs
  • Good Neighbor home by Tony1912
  • Chose your own perks by mttprc11
  • Outfield Retreat player home by TheRealElianora
  • Any companion appearance overhaul
  • Whether Redux by lamanise
  • UCO: Unified Clothing Overhaul (Base Game) with Ammo Weapon Armor crafting by ANDREWCX
  • Placeable NPCs - No DLCs (PS4) by Bradenm1
  • Rifle Conversions by shootermctooter
  • [PS4] Wacky Weapons Workshop (Season Pass) by ANDREWCX
  • [BETA] Child Settlers - Kids of the Commonwealth by Gwennovynne
  • [PS4] Glory's Grave by swindlefingers
  • Followers Extended ps4 version by Phrophet
  • Winter Blade PS4 Exclusive by scientist711

Issues I have not come across many issues with PS4 mods except a drop in frame rate and occasional glitch that does not allow you to complete certain quest my solution for this is just to disable mods until you complete the quest that you are having this issue with. I have also come across the issue of my game crashing multiple times usually after 15 mins of playing the game.