A shepherd Kirkburn is patiently tending his flock on a calm sunny afternoon… yet something is different about today. He feels a tremble and his knees go weak. In the distance volcanoes burst violently, the ground shakes and massive tidal waves threaten to destroy the once peaceful town of WoWWiki. For hours the heat is unbearable and ash covers the sun. When the dust clears, the pillars of WoW have cracked and crumbled; the villagers now look to a new god to worship in the gaming pantheon.

For the first time in years, WoWWiki was not our number one wiki…with the release of Mothership Zeta (a downloadable content pack for Fallout 3), The Vault reached number one across Wikia. Overnight, traffic grew nearly 100% to a record 2.9M page views and edits have shot up as gamers document every detail for the expansion pack.

So, Mr. Fallout – Congratulations and enjoy it while it lasts, Blizzcon is coming shortly and WoWWiki will likely push you back down to #2 :).

Now if only WoW and Fallout had a release simultaneously, we could take on Google!!!