The "Hack The Mojave" achievement slash trophy is easily exploitable for those who purchased the Old World Blues add-on. At the X-8 Research Center simply retake any test. There are two Turret Control Terminals in the Research Center, one (Easy) upstairs, and one (Average) downstairs, that both reset after you complete the test. There are nine to eleven nightstalkers and three turrets between the two floors of the medium-sized area. The test itself will only take a few minutes when you get used to it, the enemies spawn in the same places. I found that the LAER (non-modded) dropped them decent. This is much easier than tracking down twenty-five terminals across the Mojave Wasteland. I also found it easy to reach the Abominable rank three perk, with a new character here; ten percent weapon damage against abominations. Good luck!

Literaryman 06:35, July 26, 2011 (UTC)