Lil' Miss Rarity

  • I live in Michigan
  • I was born on July 13
  • My occupation is Student, volunteer, adventurer
  • I am Female
  • Lil' Miss Rarity

    Hello and welcome to another issue of ITH!

    Today we will be talking about the overwhelming amount of roleplay that you can witness everyday by taking a glimpse at the chat.

    Now we here at ITH know how cool it is to roleplay, who doesn't love a bit of good old fashion mind numbing fun? We, however, prefer to keep our antics to our short lived LSD trips inside of our safe place. This ensures that we can come out of them relatively undamaged and so that we may continue to operate as semi-normal members of society.

    We totally understand that not everyone shares the same opinion as us and those people despite their "facts" and "evidence" are wrong about Cthulhu not existing (blasphemous right). Any way back to the topic at hand. Skittles are a ver…

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  • Lil' Miss Rarity

    Hello and welcome to ITH. Today we will be discussing different ways to eat butter.

    Butter is a very common ingredient in most foods manufactured today. It'd be hard to imagine a world without it. Everything from potatoes to bread contains the creamy dairy product. As common as it is most don't ever think about how precious it really is. Butter can be used to flavor your morning toast or to great up your finger enough to get it out of a bottle after one of your mates dared you to get it stuck. It can be used to lubricate the floor for a practical joke or, under rare circumstances, a weapon when combined with a sock.

    Setting aside it's usefulness we'll get down to the point. People love eating butter so without further ado I present ITH's top…

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