Hey everybody, so i'm going to start posting a journal every day on what I did in gaming today. This first one will include yesterday, and will also have a JOKE!

Today and yesterday, well, I played Oblivion. Sorry. My friend Damo bourght it and so we are both playing heaps. Anyway, I only did a load of quests for the Theives Guild, so yeah. I am now a Master Thief (I before E except after C), and work for the Gray Fox. After completion fo the Guild quests, I get a cowl, which I can wear and the cowl gets the bounty instead of my character, as they think it is the Grey Fox. For the most recent quest, I had to find this cool arrow, which is harder then it sounds. A LOT harder. I had to go through a lair, and to get through I had to swim through an underwater cave, and that was a b***h as I couldn't see a thing, and got lost a few times so I had to relaod the game. But, I finally passed through. Then, another hard part, I had to steal the arrow without killing the guard, as if I do I get banend from the Mages Guild. I did it anyway, and yeah.I'm gonna play more later. Still hyped about New Vegas, though.

Alright, here's the moment you've all been waiting for , the joke:

Q: How do you get a baby in a tupperware container?

A: A Blender.

Q: How do you get it out?


Stay Tuned, Wastelanders and Raiders, as more gaming will come tomorrow, hopefully with more Fallout, but I guarentee more Oblivion.