• Legendary Radroach

    For anyone who is actually a Gamestop Powerup Rewards member, I noticed that coming soon to their catalog is a "Fallout: New Vegas Kit."

    The description doesn't do much to say what's in it:

    "Guaranteed to be RAD roach free, the “Fallout New Vegas” kit comes with all of the goodies you need to prep for a weekend of gambling in Vegas, new or old."

    However, from the picture what I gather is that it includes: a Vault-Tec Pip-boy, a deck of Vault-Tec playing cards, Vault-Tec poker chips, Vault-Tec coasters, a NCR t-shirt (or possibly pillow case...), and a Fallout: New Vegas poster.

    This only goes for 12,500 points on their rewards, but it only says Coming Soon. Can't find anything about a release, but still pretty exciting stuff.


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