Fallout 4, just what surprises could they have in store when this game is finally out. Ever since Fallout: New Vegas has come and gone the speculation and rumours for Fallout 4 began immediately, but I've decided to rate them all on a scale of possibility.

Most likely to happen:

-Fallout 4 will use the Skyrim engine.
-Fallout 4 will be launched along with next-gen consoles, or towards the end of the current-gen consoles.
-Fallout 4 will be set somewhere in North America.
-Fallout 4 will have a Brotherhood of Steel element, could range from a big to a small presence.
-Fallout 4 may have many new factions.
-Fallout 4 may or may not tie in with the past 2 Fallout games.

Things which might happen:
-Fallout 4 will be set in a completely new country.
-Fallout 4 will be set in Los Angeles.
-Fallout 4 will be set in New York.

Things which I want to happen:
-A 'New' Brotherhood of Steel with some badass black armour.
-Enclave to have a large part also.
-To see the NCR vs Brotherhood War and NCR vs. Enclave War.
-To be able to join, work your way up ranks and eventually lead a faction (Like in the Elder Scrolls games. e.g: Dark Brotherhood)
-Plenty of new weapons each make their own unique quicktime event.
-Quicktime events in V.A.T.S.
-A range of 'dark atmosphere' like in Fallout 3 and 'Sunny' atmosphere like in Fallout: New Vegas.
-PLEASE no metro tunnels.
-3D map, like the one in Skyrim.
-New Pip-Boy design.
-No sub-titles, e.g Fallout 4: New York Wastelands, just call it Fallout 4.
-Another fantastic soundtrack, which will fit the style and location.
-A decent Collector's Edition.
-Plenty of good DLC.

Well, there's plenty more that we all would like, so if you can think of anything decent to add, or have discovered some news from a reliable source then feel free to add it in. --The Star Sprangled Man with a Plan! -Lanius 13:09, December 11, 2011 (UTC)