This is just a post for what I wish would happen, but when I'm on Xbox Live or Steam or whatever I usually talk to my friends who are also playing Fallout, however in games such as Call of Duty you can actually play the game with them, which I like a fair bit, however when playing Fallout you have to try you best to describe the item/location as best you can, it would be better if they could even add a part where we can go and visit our friends world, however that doesn't mean we have to help them and/or we could become a campanion of the person's world we just joined. It wouldn't be hard to add this feature, even it it's only 2 players max. it would make my Fallout experience a whole lot more fun, so I'm hoping that Bethesda, Obsidian or whoever is making the next Fallout title adds this small but epic feature.